The legalization of cannabis in Canada has opened people’s minds to its medicinal possibilities. A common misconception surrounding cannabis is that it’s only a recreational drug, but that’s not that case. Cannabis has been used for centuries to heal physical pain and mental health concerns.

There are 113 identified cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant, and CBD(Cannabidiol) is one of the most popular. The following article will discuss three ways CBD can be used to improve physical and mental well-being.

Inflammation Prevention

CBD is highly regarded as a treatment for inflammation due to its ability to subside and relive incessant pain. While inflammation is common and normal, for some people, inflammation can impede and impact everyday life. Inflammation can result in intense physical pain and discomfort, including arthritis, which can be described as a stiff and burning sensation.

While there are generic medications available to treat pain caused by inflammation, prolonged usage of over-the-counter medications may affect your liver, heart and kidney. CBD is commonly used to prevent inflammation because it’s organic and non-psychoactive.

Anxiety and Depressions Treatment

Taking care of your mental health is critically important, especially if you suffer from serious physical pain. Living with a physical ailment can be distressing and result in mental anguish. It’s common for someone living with nagging pain to have sad, scary and depressing thoughts about their condition.

CBD has commonly been used for patients suffering from anxiety and depression disorders. It has been known to manage and readjust negative mindsets and feelings, and because of it’s organic and non-psychoactive medicinal properties, it can be taken regularly. Studies indicate that CBD may be more effective when taken regularly as opposed to taking it once in a while.

Sleep Aid

Sleep is imperative for your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, for some people, falling asleep and staying asleep can be a difficult task. While many people use over-the-counter sleeping medications, reliance on these pills can be dangerous. Standard sleeping pills can cause a person to feel light-headed, dizzy, nauseous and can cause severe headaches.

CBD is a non-toxic agent that can help a person fall into a healthy sleeping pattern. Consider purchasing CBD oil and using it for an amazing sleep without the nasty side effects in the morning.

There are many other ways to use CBD. For example, you can use CBD oils and creams to treat local pain. Please check out our website to view the different ways CBD can be applied or consumed. For more information on CBD, and if it’s right for you, contact Day Tripper today!