Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, people are now, more than ever, experimenting with cannabis products. There are many ways for a person to enjoy the effects of cannabis; it can be smoked, vaped, consumed through food and drink, etc.

A person with little cannabis experience may not know how much cannabis they should be taking. Furthermore, smoking or vaping cannabis will provide a different effect than the consumption of edibles. It’s important to remember that bad reactions to cannabis are non-fatal as they will not restrain respiratory function; however, a bad reaction may make you feel uncomfortable. The following article will discuss what you should do if you’ve taken too much cannabis.

Adverse Effects

Due to THC’s psychoactive properties, inhaling or ingesting too much cannabis may make you feel distressed or nauseous. Adverse effects that occur from inhaling or ingesting cannabis can include lethargy, paranoia, a fast heart rate, and an inability to see clearly. These symptoms typically affect individuals that are unfamiliar with the effects of cannabis. Experienced users are more likely to purchase cannabis products with THC levels they are comfortable with, and therefore, will better understand how to dosage their cannabis.

We encourage all novice cannabis users to purchase cannabis products with low THC, high CBD properties. Furthermore, we encourage beginners to enjoy cannabis products with a friend or family member who will remain sober throughout your cannabis intoxication duration. The person who won’t be inhaling or ingesting any cannabis can help keep a novice user grounded and increase their sense of security and protection.

What To Do If You’ve Taken Too Much

If you ever experience negative effects while using cannabis, here are a few things you can try:

Take CBD gummies/oil – CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects the THC produces. Taking CBD-rich products should reduce your discomfort.

Black Peppercorns – Black pepper has been known to reduce the mental effects of THC due to the presence of beta-caryophyllene which is a terpene found in black pepper. If you’ve taken too much cannabis, chew on a black peppercorn or sniff your pepper shaker to reduce your symptoms.

Engage in Your Favourite Hobbies – One way to settle an unsettled mind is to focus your attention on things you like. Listening to your favourite music, watching your favourite television show, and even eating your favourite foods can go a long way in reducing your discomfort.

Sleep– The most effective way to relieve yourself from the effects of cannabis is to sleep them off. Ensure that you have water next to your bedside in case you wake up in the middle of the night and need to hydrate.

Cannabis can be an enlightening and therapeutic experience. We encourage everyone to practice moderation and safe-use methods like purchasing low THC cannabis. Furthermore, we encourage everyone to pick a setting that they feel safe to reduce the risk of discomfort. For more information, contact Day Tripper today!